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Individual & Couples

How One to One Counselling can benefit you:

Part of the journey within individual counselling is self-evaluation and intrinsic reflection to process past hurts and trauma. Removing roadblocks that may be getting in the way of understanding yourself,  cultivate feelings of empowerment, while taking responsibility over your life. Consensual validation and being understood by a therapist can be restorative in itself, while reinforcing your own compassion and support. In time, as healing and growth occur during our journey together, you will feel empowered to move forward.

 How Couples Counselling can benefit both of you:

Relationships can become troubled over time, some life events can derail the close and loving bond, that was created during those first years together. Couples often withdraw from each other and cannot find a way back. My aim in couple’s therapy is to guide partners to reconnect with mutual respect and the understanding of what is compelling negative behaviours and patterns. When a partner feels threatened in some way, the process of trying to communicate this can bring up feelings of separation and distress. Differences in personality, goals in life, expectations of what a relationship “should” be, and communication style can result in difficulties, leaving feelings of disconnected and loneliness. All too often the love we feel can be overshadowed by our different expectations.

Talking through your difficulties, in a safe, non-judgmental, & non-confrontational environment is the first step towards reconnecting. Learning to trust one another with your emotions is central in the process of rebuilding your relationships.

Areas of expertise are as follows:

Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Depression & Anxiety


Childhood Related Issues.

Co-dependency & Relationship issues

Suicide Ideation

Meditation & Mindfulness practice

Domestic Abuse

Emotional abuse toward a spouse is increasingly common among couples because of the nature to not directly associate it with abuse when one partner is being condescending, dismissive, aggressive, or taking away a partner’s experience of an issue. The struggle for power and control in a relationship is real. Learn More»


Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Find yourself worrying about things that other people seem to let roll off their sleeves? Spend too much time worrying about your health or the health of others? Maybe you experience physical symptoms such as heart palpitations when there is no physical reason. Learn More»

Sexual Abuse Sexual Trauma

Sexual abuse, or sexual trauma can be outwardly violent or not. It can be one event or a series of events over a prolonged period of time Learn More»
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