Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Find yourself worrying about things that other people seem to let roll off their sleeves?  Spend too much time worrying about your health or the health of others?  Maybe you experience physical symptoms such as heart palpitations when there is no physical reason.Anxiety 1

These are among the many symptoms of anxiety.  They can overwhelm your life, but they don’t have to.

Together, we will work to:

•   Identify what triggers your anxiety and how to manage it.
•   Understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
•   Gain insight into this connection so we can improve the way you feel by altering your thoughts and behaviours.

Excessive worry and fear can be debilitating.  Sometimes it is difficult to determine that you are suffering from anxiety because you’ve been struggling for so long that it seems to be a normal part of life.

Often, anxiety results from maladaptive thoughts.  Once we challenge these thoughts, you will be able to replace them with more adaptive ways of thinking, which will ultimately allow you to reduce the impact of your anxiety.  Gaining a sense of control over your anxiety will leave you with increased energy and clarity.  We will then work together to help you focus these resources on creating the life and relationships that you want.

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