Areas of Focus

  • Couples Therapy  – Using Emotional Focused Therapy
  • Trauma and PTSDAreas of Focus 2
  • Inner child Work
  • Family of origin trauma issues
  • Issues around childhood physical, emotional, sexual abuse
  • Leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Anxiety, stress, depression,
  • Anger due to deep-rooted unresolved issues.
  • Low self esteem, Shame, Guilt, and Loss
  • Struggling with feelings of abandonment
  • Individual counselling to people adversely affected by a loved one’s addiction.
  • Relapse Prevention

Many people endure struggle and pain in life. Perhaps your story is of a painful childhood, trauma, an abusive relationship, difficulty getting along with your partner, a struggle with change, or feelings of emptiness within. Wounding happens in relationships with others which affect the way we perceive ourselves and respond to the world. I can help you explore your conflicts by getting at your deep-rooted internal issues, to help facilitate your personal growth.

Using Emotional Focused Therapy:

I can assist you in identifying triggers in your relationships to develop healthier coping skills, manage triggers, effectively communicate, and actively listen. Relationship to Self, friends, family, and partners are nourished when you advocate for your self care while holding a safe container for others to do the same.

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